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First of all, I would like to thank you for visiting my blog (customised by me). If you are here is because you are into science or, at least, you have interest in learning new subjects.
Let me explain to you a bit about its characteristics and how it is structured; as you can see is devoted to biomedicine field and, due to its broad scope of study, I have decided to focus on three interrelated disciplines: biology, drugs and nanomedicine, in addition to a fourth section called miscellaneous, in which I deal with matters in more depth that I have previously mentioned in passing where worthwhile.
The blog is addressed to the general public, without being necessary to have previous knowledge about these topics. Consequently, in the same way to construct a building you require a stable base and strong foundations, I also prefer you to have a solid brief about these themes; for this purpose I have decided to start explaining from scratch the basic concepts to progress gradually. Therefore, unless you are familiar to these disciplines, I would strongly recommend that you read the posts, in each section, chronologically, since each one is a continuation of themes previously addressed.
In several posts you will find words in red, they are links which lead you to other entries as they are concepts that are handled in more depth in other posts to enable understanding.
I would also like to thank my friend Julia who is always willing to check out my writing.

Once I have showed you how this blog works, now it is time that its author introduces himself and sorry for not having done it before. My name is David Funes, I have always been curious about the world around me, wondering the questions why and how Nature works the way it does, that is why my favourite subjects at school were natural sciences, physics and chemistry.
This increasing desire to know more and broaden my knowledge about the mechanisms of nature led me, without a doubt, to get a degree in physical science. My interest in discovering new fields in science made me study a master degree in biomedical engineering, where I found a new ground breaking discipline, with which I am really excited about: nanomedicine, a multidisciplinar field where physics, chemistry, biology and engineering meet. In my view, nanomedicine will allow (and it is already bearing fruit) to study, diagnose and treat diseases in a much more personalised and specific way, reducing significantly, or even eliminating, the side effects that current treatments have.
To finish, I hope to be able to explain to you, in an easy and understandable way, scientific matters that enable you to learn and broaden your knowledge in these areas, as well as sharing with you my passion for knowing just for the simple and wonderful fact of knowing, because could we ask of those who have passed through this world without wondering why and how things are the way they are whether they have really lived or have they just been carried along by the stream of life….?

"To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all."
Oscar Wilde.

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